Week 3

July 7, 2011 - Last week was one of the most intense weeks of rehearsal schedule wise. We made lots of advancements through the script. Things are really starting to settle in. Choices are becoming stronger. Lines are becoming ingrained in everyone's memories. And we're starting to be able to see the world of the play through the characters' eyes.

But for all the work to get things settled, we continued to explore all the possibilities of the text. Just last night Brian slightly changed the tactics of his character in a few key moments and ended up making his whole character arc clearer and more specific. Nick and Jamie continue to clown around finding which moments are more meaningful with or without their red noses. Elliott has experimented with blocking to make sure everything feels right. And he also finally put on the iconic sunglasses that will give him a very cold and sever look that makes his character fantastically imposing.

We are in a very good position to begin our tech on Monday. And we still have some rehearsal time to find those last little nuggets and tie up any loose ends. We'll be ready for an audience soon.

Stephen Murray