Week 2

June 28, 2011 - Every night after rehearsal I have been quite content with the work. I really feel that we are making strides and that the details are coming together more and more. Every time we meet we dig deeper into the story and come away with a better understanding. I am learning so much about the journey of these characters from the hard work and heart of Brian, Elliott, Jamie, and Nick.

But there is always that one special night during a rehearsal process when things just start clicking and and you can say "I'm starting to see the show." I'm ecstatic to say that I've had that feeling about three times already. But our last few rehearsals have really set the bar high for the rest of the process. Passions and energy have been running high. The training wheels are definitely off and we're starting to gain some good momentum.

And yet these accomplishments are hard to describe in writing - or even in conversation. Like the experience of theater itself, the feeling is fleeting and cannot be duplicated. But when the experience is shared, it makes for something special. The actors and designers are starting to live that shared experience of this story and soon will be ready to share it. I'm looking forward to experience that part of this process too.

We had a design meeting last night too. I can't wait for the designers to start coming to full runs(starting tonight) so we can start merging ideas. Crystal also starts costume fittings tonight. Should be fun.

Stephen Murray