July 2011

Laer's Last Prayer was presented July 14-24, 2011 at City Lit Theater and produced by Stephen F. Murray will support from the Illinois Arts Council. Murray directed the production with the following cast:

Jack: Nick Lake
Laer: Elliott Fredland
Dr. Kent: Brian Hurst
Jill: Jamie Bragg

Costumes were designed by Crystal Jovae Mazur, lights were designed by Liz Cooper, sound was designed by Melissa Schlesinger, and props were created by Mary Murray. Cate Anderson was the Stage Manager and Sean Ewert served as creative consultant. "The Wind and the Rain" was composed by Dawen Wang.

Click here to view the backstage process and rehearsal reports for this production.

"Laer’s Last Prayer has a talented cast sharing some wonderful moments of sorrow and loss in a spare sixty minutes."
Lisa Findley - Centerstage Chicago

"There is no denying the industry and conviction of the actors who declaim this flowery speech—Nick Lake, Elliott Fredland, Brian Hurst and especially Jamie Bragg..."
Mary Shen Barnidge - Windy City Times

"Jamie Bragg evokes a lovely vulnerability as Jack's dead sister Jill..."
Kerry Reid - Chicago Reader

All photos by Carl Morrison.