The Move T-Shirt

May 23, 2011 - One of the fun stories that came out of the Bailiwick production in 2008 is the story of the Move t-Shirt that the Fool (now Jack) wore. Costume Designer Nikki Delhomme and I both really like the purple shirt when we found it on the rack at the Salvation Army. Its color fit the palate we were looking for; cool but bold colors. And the word "move" on the front fit the idea of the character; a frenetic being always in motion and encouraging, perhaps even agitating, others toward action.

What we did not realize was the significance of the shirt itself and its relationship to the word "move." The back had sponsorship information making it clear that this shirt was given out at some sort of walk or run for a charity organization, but neither Nikki nor myself looked close enough to see what the charity was. It was only later when I saw an ad with the word "move" on the side of a bus, did I learn that it was for the Alzheimer's Association's Walk to End Alzheimer's.

While few in the audience were aware of the shirt's new symbolism, those involved with the production found it interesting to ponder the meaning of the coincidence. In this new production Jack will be sporting a completely different look that does not include the meaningful purple shirt, but Crystal and I are working to find a way to incorporate pieces of it (perhaps as patches) into the costume design again.