Visual Research - Landscapes

Figure with Meat, by Francis Bacon, has long been one of my visual inspirations for Endgame. So it is no surprise that it shows up under the visual research for this piece as well. I like the anguish and dispair amid the industrial world that it seems to convey.

And for those of you who are in Chicago, this painting is on display at the Art Institute. Go check it out!

The rest of these images are landscapes. All of the deal with isolation or desolation. The idea is there are many different types of voids that we live in. But sometimes one has to cross a wasteland or desert to achieve abundance of life or of the soul. So while the images seem stark (they are) and depressing, hope and rebirth needs to somehow lie beneath the surface of the despair.

As most of these images are pulled from internet searches I acknowledge that they are not "mine." If you would like your image to be removed from this site, please contact me at stephenfmurray (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you for your patience and understanding.